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Dog Friendly Restaurants in Salida

We Coloradans love to take our furry friends everywhere! Here are a few restaurants where your pup can join you in Salida and Poncha Springs.

Moonlight Pizza is a great place for a casual lunch or dinner and a beer. The restaurant has a number of sandwiches, salads and of course pizza! This is also a kid-friendly spot with outdoor games. The patio has a spacious separate dog-friendly section. Send someone inside to speak with the hostess, and then access the patio via an outdoor gate.

Robin's is my favorite hidden gem in Salida. Located along highway 50, it has a surprisingly beautiful ambiance and great food. It's located next to the Little Arkansas and has a gorgeous tree-filled patio and garden area right on the water. Great for breakfast or lunch, the restaurant serves comfort food done very well.

The dog patio is around the back in a separate section. Seat yourself first to ensure there is a dog-friendly table (it's easiest to access going around the left side of the building). Send someone inside to order at the counter. You will receive a number and staff will bring you your food and beverages.

Breweries are of course the go-to with pups in Salida just like everywhere else. Soulcraft is a popular local brewery with great bar food.

The brewery has a huge patio with fire tables and a tented area for shade in the summer. Soulcraft is a great option if your dog doesn't love to be close to other dogs - there is plenty of room to spread out!

Elevation is our favorite brewery and has a variety of types of beer, kombucha and other seasonal selections. A permanent food truck outside provides great bar food.

Super spacious patio allows for plenty of room to spread out and several options for shade in the summer.

Located downtown, Tres Litros is another great spot for a beer. A rotating food stand is located inside, check their social media to see what's available each day.

The patio is small but a fun spot to people-watch and relax. Tres also has music most weekends but you would want to leave the pup at home late-night!

High Side is one of our go-to restaurants. It's next to the Arkansas River and has excellent bar food like burgers, gyros and salads.

Dogs are allowed only at the tables closest to the river. You can access this area by going around the left side of the building - once you are in the patio look for a staff member to seat you. Be aware that the dog-friendly seating borders the riverside walking trail and may not be comfortable if your dog tends to be reactive or bark at walkers and other pups.

Overall, Salida is a very dog-friendly town! Many of the shops downtown are dog-friendly and there are geat trails for you and your pup throughout the area.


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