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Blue Coyote Ranch: Salida's
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Locally-Owned Business Spotlight Pt. 1

Salida, Colorado is a mecca of locally-owned businesses, so don't even think about stopping at Sonic to eat!

A peek into some of the best local food & beverage in Salida, Colorado. We will highlight more businesses over a number of posts because we love them all!

DRAM Apothecary - This company is truly awe-inspiring to me and I will not let anyone I know leave Salida without trying one of their drinks! Specializing in sparkling waters that may contain CDB, herbs or other earthy goodies, these are incredibly refreshing and unique drinks. The owners themselves forage their natural ingredients right here in the heart of the Rocky Mountains! DRAM has an unwavering commitment to whole ingredients, putting other brands' "natural flavorings" to shame. My favorite place to pick up a can of DRAM is at Howl Mercantile, but they distribute around the country - you may even find them at your local health food store. Other local spots to grab a DRAM are Sweetie's Sandwich Shop, Robin's and Elevation Brewery. I am a devotee to their Alpine Berry CBD drink - don't worry it won't get you high, but you may find yourself especially relaxed and refreshed.

DRAM @ Howl Mercantile: 130 W 1st St, Salida, CO 81201

Little Red Hen Bakery - Another business I am endlessly inspired and impressed by is Little Red Hen Bakery. Emily, the owner, has worked tirelessly sourcing local ingredients right down to her flour. Breads, cookies, bagels and pies - oh my! The ovens at Little Red Hen fill the surrounding blocks with the smell of wood-fired goodness and can't be missed. In addition to baked goods, the bakery offers a small menu of delectable sandwiches for lunch - you can even pick up some of Emily's special flour blend to bake with at home! Early birds get the worm - and the cinnamon bread! Be sure to plan a trip as early as possible for the widest selection of truly fresh-baked goods.

Little Red Hen Bakery: 302 G St, Salida, CO 81201

Scanga Meat Company - If DRAM and Little Red Hen represent the new Salida, Scanga represents for the old school. Founded in 1952, Scanga has been serving up fresh and local meats to Salida before it was on the tourist map. Thick cut pork chops, bacon-wrapped steak, and some of the best brats I've tried, Scanga is a carnivore's dream! Vegetarians need not avoid the shop entirely - there is also a healthy selection of specialty pastas, sauces, and cheeses available for purchase. Walking into Scanga you can't help but feel you've been transported back to simpler times as you approach the long butcher counter and are greeted with a smile. Friendly and family-run, you just can't beat Scanga meat!

Scanga Meat Company: 9250 Co Rd 156, Salida, CO 81201


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