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Blue Coyote Field Guide

Blue Coyote Ranch: Salida's
modern ranch-style hotel


Best Festivals in Salida, Colorado

Salida is a town with lots of character (and characters!) and one of the best ways to experience the town is at one of our popular festivals. If you'r looking for some of the best festivals in Colorado, consider checking these out!

FIBArk White Water Festival

This is by far the most popular festival in Salida! Although there are technically some serious races during this festival, it's primarily a really fun party! A carnival even comes to town! On top of the actual white water races, there are plenty of just-for-fun events like the Raft Rodeo, pictured above. Boaters dress up in crazy costumes and attempt to flip each other's boats - hilarity ensues. If you want to see one of Colorado's most unique festivals, this is the one to attend!

Colorado Brewer's Rendezvous

Another very popular event in town is the Brewer's Rendezvous! Brewers from all over Colorado come to participate in this Colorado festival. Try out some of the most unique craft beers the state has to offer in the beautiful Riverside Park!

Salida Fiber Festival

While this sounds absurdly niche this is actually a very popular event in the area and totally worth checking out! Vendors include producers of yarn and other fiber as well as raw materials like Alpaca wool. You can also pick up finished fiber art pieces! Last year the festival did some fun stuff like crochet the boulder next to the F Street bridge so I hope we see some more of that at this year's festival!


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