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Closest Hot Springs to Salida, CO

We saw how much you all liked our previous blog on the Best Hot Springs Near Salida and Buena Vista, so we thought we'd mention some of the closest hot springs to our amazing lil' mountain town! Here is a list of the top 5 hot springs closest to Salida, CO. We've listed them by proximity to Salida, starting with the closest, to the furthest. We think you'll find that any of these hot springs options are definitely worth a visit if you're staying in the Salida area.

Located right off of HWY 50, in Salida, The Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center is as close as it gets! Besides it being a prime convenient location for our Salida locals and visitors, this family friendly indoor water world features two hot spring pools filled with mineral-rich water. The large lap pool has a temperature that ranges from 82-84 degrees, while the smaller leisure pool ranges from 97-100. For eighty years (yes I said EIGHTY) they have fed this pristine hot springs water directly to the indoor pools from an underground piping system, reaching springs eight miles away! If you're looking for options, they've got 'em! With open swim times, water fitness classes, water yoga, adult-coached swim, private soaking pools, and even an option to learn how to roll and recover in a kayak, there's something for everyone in the family at the Salida Aquatic Center.

My personal favorite experience here is their private soaking pools. You get a completely private room, for an entire hour, with a wood bench, shower and soaking pool all to yourself for $17, or shared with your favorite person for $26. Hard to beat that right?! It's private, peaceful and perfect for an affordable "in town" spa-like experience. Remember to bring your water to hydrate!

Located only about 25 minutes from Salida, in Nathrop, CO, Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort is a local favorite for a plethora of reasons. Not only is the location conveniently close, it's also surrounded by some of the best mountain views, as well as some serious 5 star resort vibes. Come relax, rejuvenate and receive all the beauty and peace that only nature can give. The hot springs do not require a reservation (another PERK!) and are conveniently open to the public year-round. Day passes to the springs can only be purchased onsite the day of your visit. Feel like sippin' a drink while you soak? No worries! They have plenty of booze to choose from at their bath house service counter or juice bar. General admission includes their historic bath house, creek side hot springs and upper pools & infinity pool which are all family friendly. There are also pools at the spa & club which are only reserved for over night guests age 16 and older. The spa at Mt. Princeton is a whole luxurious attraction in itself. Whether you enjoy a foot soak, body scrub, facial, massage or any of their MANY spa treatments, the professional and kind staff will have you feelin' like royalty! For anyone seeking a resort experience at its finest, this truly is your dream destination. While you soak in the steamy, odorless hot springs water, the majestic mountain views will capture your gaze in all their gorgeous glory. There is a magic to this place, that can only be experienced first hand. Come check out why Mt. Princeton has such an outstanding reputation for being one of the best Hot Springs Resorts in Chaffee county.

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa, is only 35 minutes from Salida and located in the northern gateway to the beautiful San Luis Valley. With outstanding expansive views of the Sangre De Cristo mountain range, this location offers a wild and open hot springs experience that can't be found anywhere else. Enjoy their rejuvenating and relaxing hot springs water, while basking under the open sky of the San Luis Valley. Whether you count the puffy passing clouds during the day, or gaze the spectacular stars at night, this is a one of a kind memory we all should make! You can also treat yourself to a soothing and relaxing spa treatment. They have a wide variety of healing massage options to choose from. Including therapeutic deep tissue massage, reflexology, body scrubs & more!

Cottonwood Hot Springs is another gorgeous place to soak in naturally healing, mineral rich hot springs water. Surrounded by San Isabel National Forest, and bordered by Cottonwood Creek, nature abounds in this serene setting. Located in beautiful Buena Vista and also only about 35 minutes from Salida, Cottonwood Hot Springs is a MUST visit during your stay in the Salida area. Their mission is to provide a peaceful, quiet and relaxing space for guests to balance the body, mind, and spirit. The four hot pools they have range between an average of 90-104 degrees while their cold plunge pool hovers right around 80 degrees. Access to their dry sauna is included with a day pass purchase, but many whole-body spa services can also be booked for an extra fee. They offer a wide range of spa services including massage, wraps, scrubs, energy work as well as facial massage and hydration. The natural, calm and inviting vibe you get at Cottonwood Hot Springs will bring you the peace and restoration you seek and deserve. Fall boasts one of the most picturesque times to visit this sanctuary, with golden hugs from all the surrounding Cottonwood trees, but anytime is a good time to experience Cottonwood Hot Springs!

If you're looking for a unique and natural hot springs experience, Valley View Hot Springs is the place for you! Although this location is 47 minutes, and the furthest from Salida on our list today, Valley View is definitely worth the extra miles.

This "off the grid" resort lies at the foot of the Sangre De Cristo mountain range in Moffat, CO. All of the pools at Valley View are sprinkled throughout the woods, in the most natural setting. These springs are owned and operated by the nonprofit Orient Land Trust. Tucked away in the wilderness in the San Luis Valley, visitors can immerse themselves in nature nearly year-round, except from 12/1 through 12/28, when they will be closed annually for maintenance of the property. There are a variety of pools and ponds to choose from. Their swimming pool is kept in the high-80s and their hot pools hover between 104-106 degrees. One of the most unique features of Valley View Hot Springs are the four natural ponds that you can easily hike to in the forest. First, is their soaking pond, which happens to be the deepest and largest of the four. Second, will be the waterfall pond which has a wood pipe that feeds hot springs into the pond. The third, is meadow pond which is the smallest of the four but the most private and intimate. Fourth and last, but surely not least, are the top ponds (three ponds that flow into one), which can be reached after a steep but quick hike. This is a family and dog friendly environment, and also "clothing optional" if you're looking for a free spirited, open minded experience. See more info on their website to learn more about Naturism.

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