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Blue Coyote Field Guide

Blue Coyote Ranch: Salida's
modern ranch-style hotel


Best Home Products of 2023

Products used in a hospitality business get the true test of durability and quality! Check out our ten favorites from the year.

California Design Den Sheet Sets

We have used these sheets for almost three years and they continue to be one of the top commented on items at the ranch! The sheets are 100% cotton and only get softer the more you wash them. Despite the very hard use they get being used in a hotel, we have found they are extremely durable. We love the bright white with damask stripe to give your bed a real hotel-feel!

$44.99 for a Queen Set*

Charisma Bath Sheets

After our sheet sets, our towels are the second most-loved item at the ranch. These XL size towels will feel like wrapping yourself in a blanket after stepping out of the shower! They are extremely soft and we have found retain their softness even after many washes.

$63 for a set of two*

OSHINE Flameless Candles

Okay, we might have gone a bit nuts with these candles. We now have sets in the Rancher room, on the Lodge dining table and in our own home!

We can't help it - these real wax LED candles look as real as they get! We love the remote (and love it even more than every remote works with all our sets!)

$20.79 per set of 9

Leisuretown Mattress Pad

Mattress pads are another thing that matter a lot in a hotel business - and also get abused!

We love these mattress pads, they are washable and add a luxurious pillow top layer to your bed. They are alternative down fill so they are also hypo-allergenic!

$39.90 for a Queen

Casper Original Foam Mattress

We first slept on a Casper at my Mom's house, immediately ordered ourselves one and later replaced all the property mattresses with them! While not the cheapest on the market, the Caspers are the perfect blend of softness and support. We get the originals and are also huge lovers of the original pillow. Hopefully you will see more of the pillows at BCR in the future!

$1,165 for a Queen

Rubbermaid Flex'N Carry Basket

Clothes baskets are a pretty central part of running a hotel! Unfortunately, the traditional rectangle baskets break constantly, to the point that we rarely had one that was not cracked or missing a handle. Enter the Flex'N Carry - so far this basket has been far more durable plus we love that you can carry it with one hand! We love them so much, we use them to carry just about anything around the ranch!

$22.09 per basket

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera

This is a new addition to our tool bag, but it works so well we had to add it! We first used it when we had a leak and needed to find where the water was coming from. I have also used it to hang a fixture in the ceiling where we have radiant heating. Pretty much anything where a temperature difference matters, this little camera is going to be your best friend!


Lafree Toilet Brush

Okay, yes, we know it's so weird to be excited about a toilet brush! But the general grossness of toilet brushes is exactly why we love this one!

The Lafree has a false bottom that allows drainage into the lower portion - meaning you never see "the nasties" that tend to collect in toilet brush holders. The silicone also scrubs well and easily rinses off.

$14.89 per brush

Full Circle Scouring Pads

These biodegradable pads are made from walnut shells! They have great scouring power (if you've stayed in our cabins you have used them)! We actually cut ours into smaller pieces so each guest can have a fresh scrubber without and plastic/landfill guilt!

$7.53 for set of three

45% Cleaning Vinegar

This is highly concentrated cleaning vinegar - it is 9X stronger than the grocery store stuff.

We learned this year that dryer sheets are extremely hard on drying machines and will reduce the life of your machine.

We now throw a tablespoon or two of this vinegar into the wash which acts as a fabric softener! It is also hypo allergenic and ideal for anyone sensitive to strong fragrances. We promise, your sheets smell like nothing when they come out of the dryer!

We also use vinegar to: flush our hot water heaters, soak our shower heads, sink drains and faucets to remove calcium build up, and sanitize surfaces.



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