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Max's 70th Birthday!!!!!!!

September 11-16, 2024
Blue Coyote Ranch

Who is in charge here?

Hi! It's me, Sara! I will be planning all the logistics, meals and activities for my dad's birthday! If you have any questions you know how to reach me!


Still a work in progress, but here is what we are thinking so far!
What's the deal? 
We know Max loves trips with lots of fun activities and delicious food so that is what we are planning! Attendance is not required at any activities or meals, we just want you to have a good time!

Let me know what sounds interesting to you!
When you have a moment fill out this quick survey so I have an idea of what activities interest you. You will not need to commit to anything until much closer to the date!

Meals: Breakfast will be "fend for yourself" except for one potential brunch at Biker and Baker. Lunch will be planned with some activities but will also mostly be on your own.

Everyone will have access to a kitchen in their rental unit so feel free to bring any food. Safeway in town is a good grocery store, we also have a Natural Grocers.

Dinners will be planned each night. There will be a mix of dining out and eating at the Blue Coyote Lodge.

Proposed Itinerary
This will be updated as we confirm more items

Wednesday 9/11
  • Arrive at your convenience!
  • For anyone who arrives in time for dinner we will likely pick up burgers from 50 Burger and eat in the Lodge at Blue Coyote.

Thursday 9/12
  • We have rented jeeps for today and tomorrow. Depending on weather we will do at least one lake day.
    • Lake/Jeep day: Drive will be about an hour on a 4WD forest road that will take us past two waterfalls. At the top is a gorgeous high alpine lake. The fishing here is excellent so bring your rod if that interests you! There is also a beautiful moderate hike around the lake. We will also have folding chairs to relax and enjoy the peaceful area.  We may also bring a BBQ lunch to enjoy at the lake.
Friday 9/13
  • Alternative lake day. If people are interested in a second day of off-roading we can explore another trail or high alpine lake
  • If we don't head up to the lake, we will plan a hike in the area. 
  • Dinner @ Osake Sushi
Saturday 9/14
  • 2:00 pm or 4:00 pm - Ghost Town: Drive up to St Elmo ghost town which is close Mt Princeton
  • 3:00/4:00 ish - Mt Princeton Spa
    • Spa: Afternoon at the spa/hot springs: For those who are interested, we will book spa treatments at Mt Princeton before our private hot springs rental. You will have access to a different section of hot springs including some along the river and some adult-only pools.
  • 5:30 pm: Mt Princeton Private Rental: at 5:30pm we will have a one hour rental of the Mt Princeton infinity pool hot springs. Epic views and plenty of seating if you'd like to come but prefer not to soak! 
  • 7:00 pm: Dinner: Reservation at the Mary Murphy Steakhouse at Mt Princeton
Sunday 9/15
  • We will probably "wing it" today! We may plan a hike, downtown excursion or cornhole tournament. 
  • Dinner: Eric will be making the final celebration dinner served at the Blue Coyote Lodge. 
Monday 9/16
  • Everyone heads home!
Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping Arrangements

Still a work in progress, but here is what we are thinking so far!
What's the deal?
We have reserved the entire property of Blue Coyote Ranch for the duration of the celebration. We have about 15 people joining and can sleep 39 on the property.

Point being - there will be plenty of space for everyone! I will post room assignments once we know for sure who will be attending.

Breakfast and lunch will mostly be "fend for yourself." No matter where you are sleeping you will have access to a full kitchen so you are welcome to bring any food items you might need. We will provide coffee. 

There is a Safeway and Natural Grocers in downtown Salida. 

Click here for a list of cabin kitchen inventory
The Lodge has a similar inventory but with larger quantities of each item.
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